When did uniqueness lasted so long?

Every single feeling feels much better on those first moments. You can't help it. It will gradually, and without notice, fade away. Unless, unless there's a sense of self worth. Maybe for being born and raised on the small island of Madeira, where we are constantly defined by the persistence of nature, where every mountain is sculpted differently, where every valley hide their little secrets, I've learned to appreciate the uniqueness of the unexpected, the individuality of each moment.


I get bored pretty easily, it's pretty hard to convince me doing the same thing twice, why would I? There's me, my Mom and four local artisans. Then there's fabrics, accessories and some bits and pieces from all over the world. Hand knitted, hand woven, machine knitted, organic and 100% "get the synthetic out of my way".


If you ever fall in love by one of my pieces, and it's already gone, please don't be upset if I tell you I cant make it again, not with the purpose of making unique pieces, but with the aspiration of making you feel unique.


Founder & Creative Director

Graduated in Fashion and Textile Design in 2012 and returned to Madeira Island in Portugal to create her own brand. Launched Sous in 2013 together with the opening of her shop in the city of Funchal. 

With her free-spirited energy and sense of adventure she began this journey with the intention to create timeless, beautiful and unique pieces that instil confidence in each woman who wears it and celebrates handcrafted, artisan traditions.



Monday - Closed 

From Tuesday to Friday: 

10:00 - 13:30 / 15:00 - 19:00 
Sunday - Closed 

Rua Brigadeiro Oudinot,

Oudinot Shopping Center

(near the Farmers Market)

1st floor , number 19.


9060-129 Funchal,

Madeira Island - Portugal


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