Dª ROSA was knitted in a domestic knitting machine. Takes inspiration from the colors my parents use to wore when I was young.


Use it as a dress or leave a few buttons undone at the top and bottom.

Neutral accessories will complement the 'Dª ROSA' hues best.


Choose your jewelry and accessories carefully to prevent any small tears or snags.



Material: 38%cotton | 32% acrylic | 30% viscose

Relaxed fit.

It's framed by a sharp pointed collar.



Fits S to L.



Washing instructions:

This piece should not be washed by machine, but if needed, wash by hand, and leave to dry in a cool spot in the shade. Warm water may slightly shrink your garment, so it is best to stick to cool water.

Iron low temperature. 

SOUS recommends keeping washing to an absolute minimum and only if really necessary.


All products were created using considered materials and processes. 



It should be noted that each piece, because it’s being made by hand, may have some imperfection, due to the naturalness of the process. For us, it is what makes the piece unique and authentic. Nothing in life is perfect anyway, but that is also what makes it so beautiful.



Any questions you have about our pieces please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail: mariana.sousa@me.com